Don’t Take Our Word—Take Theirs

A little over a month ago, we gave you the Top 4 Reasons to Apply to be an Ignite Counselor. In case you missed it, the application closes this Friday, and with the deadline so quickly approaching, you may still be wondering: why is being an Ignite counselor so stinkin’ cool? Well, you’re in luck because we recently went insta-snooping on the Ignite Community to read about their #ignitetexas2017 experience. Here’s what they said:

Hannah & Kylie: “Blessed”


“How blessed am I that God gave me a camp that was so lit that you can see the tots flaming from across the world!!!!! God has moved in such obvious ways this week alone in these beautiful humans and I can’t wait to see what He does in their freshman year. #ignitetexas2017 #campsonic” –@h_ongg


“I have never loved a group of people more in my life. And I can honestly say that love comes from the love of Christ. He has blessed me with the most amazing camp & the best girls for my small group. God answered so many prayers this week by putting y’all in my life and building relationships over the last week that I didn’t think would be possible. #Royalty #BurgerKing #IgniteTexas2017” –@kylie_joe22

Melanie: “I’d like to thank not only God but Jesus”

“I’d like to thank not only God but Jesus (and Ignite) for putting these galpals into my life!!! they radiate Christ’s love and they always point me back to Jesus – what more could a girl ask for? so glad we have the rest of eternity together :’) #actualeternity #becauseofJesus” –@melanie_looper


“y’all. these are my girls. they are such an answered prayer. what a blessing it was to lead them in this small group. Ignite, thanks for being incredible and letting me see a glimpse of Christ’s love through these two sweet girls!!! (ft. me modeling the 1 hour and 20 mins of sleep look) #IgniteTexas2017” –@melanie_looper




Michael: “WOW”


“WOW what an incredible week. Just as I thought camp Jack in the Box was as tight as it could possibly be, our campers showed up and showed us there’s no limit. Loved getting to spend the week with these incredible people and see God answer all 5,000 of my prayers this week. Lord you are so good. SIGN UP FOR IGNITE #rushbox #jackjackturnup #jitb #thatsthecampyouwannabe #cheddarcheeseallonmyface” –@michael.h.m

Bethany: “T H E S E. P E O P L E.”


“T H E S E . P E O P L E .
words cheapen the things that were done at Ignite this year. how many times did I fall apart and these people picked me up? how many times did our campers blow us away with their faith? a simple answer: countless. our hashtag local brand of a camp is beyond ready to do life together this fall in the name of Jesus” –@bethany_goad

Laney: God is GOOD


“I cannot stress how GOOD my God is!!! Still amazed that he picked me to serve our new freshmen alongside these wonderful people!!” –@cone_cones

Jacob: “It was a privilege”


“WE ARE CAMP WHATA!!! I’m a tad late, but I had a great last week with an amazing staff, campers, and an even more amazing God. It was a privilege to come serve you guys! Thanks for all the fun and laughs! #TRICHITILIDIE #IgniteTexas” –@jacobgarza3

Morgan: “What a joy”


“God’s faithfulness and love never cease to amaze me! What a joy it has been to be surrounded by such amazing followers of Christ.” –@morgan_mill


Processed with VSCO with c7 preset

“these people guys!!!! they allow me to rest in who I am and whose I am, always. whether I’m being spunky & crazy kate & ~lovingly~ bossing everyone around or sharing the depths & hurts of my heart, this group ALWAYS shows me that I am not “too much” & that I am enough!!! you are all gems!!! PTL 4 IGNITE AMIRITE??” –@sippin_on_k8terade

You’re so right, Kate: Praise the Lord for Ignite because He has faithfully used this ministry for His glory through our staff time after time. He has continually done far more abundantly than we could ever imagine—any past staff member will attest to that with stories that will blow your mind and relationships that cannot be described in words.

Make one of the best decisions with your time at UT and APPLY TO BE A COUNSELOR!!! We cross our hearts you won’t regret it.

Applications are live through this Friday, January 19th at 11:59pm. If you have any questions, please feel free contact Matt Stone at

P.S. Want to see more sick posts about Ignite? Search our hashtags: #Applyforignite #IgniteTexas #IgniteTexas2018


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