Spring Break!

Check out all the cool ways God moved in our staff during Spring Break! God so clearly  used the time to prepare members for the summer during Ignite and throughout their lives as followers of Christ. We are so excited to have these boys on staff with us this year.

Aaron Yuan- Junior, counselor in Home Alone


“Over Spring Break, I went to South Padre Island on a mission trip called Beach Reach. The goal of Beach Reach is to share the love of Christ to those going to South Padre through servant evangelism. This is shown through giving free rides and free pancakes to those who need it while having spiritual and gospel conversations. This was my second time on Beach Reach,  and I was excited to see God’s will in action again. Throughout the week, it was clear how He was moving as people started being more receptive to having conversations centered around the Gospel. We witnessed some people tear up after we prayed over them while others thanked us for the encouraging words we gave them. By the end of the week, over 30 people committed their lives to Christ. Through these seven days dedicated towards intentional service for God, it reminded me again the importance of having the confidence to share the Gospel to those close to me. I shouldn’t let fear dictate my ability to have spiritual conversations with my non-believer friends. If I can have these conversations with random strangers and see the impact behind that, why shouldn’t I do the same?”

Case Garza- Sophomore, Prayer Team for 101 Dalmatians 

Screen Shot 2019-04-22 at 10.02.32 PM

“Over spring break I was given the opportunity to be apart of a mission trip to Italy through my church. This trip has impacted me in ways that I truly cannot express through words on a screen. The primary focus of the trip was to meet and share with the gospel with refuges from Central Asia and the Middle East. We accomplished this by going to major hubs for refugee activity including city parks, shelters, health and legal clinics, and free language classes. During the week we met with individuals and continued to follow up and show them the love of Christ through community, fellowship and sharing the gospel. Hearing the testimonies of the refugees we partnered with from a house-church and seeing how  joyous they where to share what Jesus has done in each of their lives, motivated me to seek out the relationships we made with refugees who have not heard the good news of Jesus as well as those who have not opened their hearts to his resurrection power. Interacting with people who have never heard the name of Jesus spoken to them opened my eyes to the urgency we have to tell others about him and what he has done for us. It made me think about my role in Ignite and knowing the work I am doing now will help build up the next generation that will impact God’s kingdom and make his name known to the ends of the earth. Seeing the work God is doing globally made me even more excited for the work we get to do here in Austin, specifically in Ignite where he has allowed us to be the hands and feet of his church and make disciples with incoming Longhorns.”


Jimmy Phan- Freshman, counselor in Shrek 

Screen Shot 2019-04-22 at 10.16.09 PM

“I went on the Young Life Spring Break trip. The trip was free since my leader paid for me to go so I just expected a free trip to Florida sticking around the guys in my small group. It was evident I hardly knew anyone when I was on the bus with mostly BYX boys and girls I just have never seen. While I was on the bus, however, something inside of me just flipped and I wanted to get to meet people all week. I used every opportunity to ask for peoples’ names and I made sure I remembered since it means a lot to a person to have their name remembered in the first encounter. It was a blast to get to know others and grow so close. I was having a blast with the events held whether a silent disco, spike-ball tournament, or beach olympics. During the week, one of my friends was battling loneliness, but the same night the message was over loneliness which was crazy to see God answer that prayer. Probably the highlight of the trip was when we had a night focused on prayer. We drew a hand on a piece of paper and wrote down our struggles and taped it to the wall. With around 200 college kids, we started reading what was on the hands and prayed over the hands. As I read what was on the hands, I noticed a lot of people were struggling with the same thing which made the thought of brothers and sisters. After that night I knew I wanted to get baptized the next day with Young Life. The thought of baptism was on my heart for a while and I considered doing it with Ignite or Austin Stone, but with all the community and answered prayers, I knew it had to happen. It was so good to celebrate my renewal in life amongst so many people. I walked away from that trip with so many memories and friendships. I learned to be more intentional with my relationships and I decided to meet up with several individuals who really had a heart filled with God as I met them on the trip and it has worked out really well so far.”

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