Session 2 Pre-week prayers and letters to campers


Session 2 pre-week has started and camps are back together once again. As campers are getting ready to head to camp in a few days here are some words and prayer from staff.

Melissa Melendez, Wizard of Oz counselor

Prayer for Ignite: “My prayer for Ignite is that everyone speaks the word of truth and that we as a staff as well as campers are not afraid to open up to each other. I hope he will speak to people who have never heard of his truth and believers will have their strength renewed.”

Arpan Patel, Jumanji counselor

To campers:  Get excited! I am excited for ya’ll to get to UT soon. It is an interesting and weird, but really great place and I am really excited to meet all of you. I hope you guys will enjoy Ignite. I will be praying for you. Good or bad or mediocre or stellar experience, I hope you will walk with Christ throughout college.” 

Prayer for Ignite: ” I am praying for a steadfast heart one that continually refers back to God and back to his word in times of maturity as an organization. I am especially praying to keep in the spirit of God.

Olivia Costa, Shrek counselor 

To campers: “Get hype because this is about to be the best week of the summer.”

Prayer for Ignite: “I am praying that the Lord reveals himself in so many ways to literally every single person at camp this week.”

Avery McCorkle, Lilo and Stitch cochair 

To Campers: “We love you and are so excited for you!”

Prayer for Ignite: “My prayer for Ignite is that our counselors will get to connect with the campers really well and that the small groups will form relationships that will last the entire year and freshman will have people to rely on.”

Erica Henri, Sandlot counselor

To campers: “This will be the best part of the summer. This is where I kind of didn’t realized I needed this kind of community, but it became such an important part of my life. I was the type of person who would shut down and not talk to anybody and Ignite really helped me get out there and find people that I could be friends with and go to church with. I found people who would pour into me, community is the best part that really connected me to God.”

Prayer for Ignite: “I pray that Ignite continues to lead people to Christ and lead people to awesome churches and ministries in Austin, and I love it because it’s so awesome.”




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