Prayer Room!

A place for deep conversations, chill vibes and lava lamps. The prayer room is a unique and spiritually filled spot at camp where campers and staff can come to rest in fellowship with each other and the Lord at any time.

“The prayer room is a place where we can encounter God in the fullest and be committed to him,” Priscilla Garza, session one prayer team trainer said.

Each session there are 14 people who have been trained and equipped all year for their time in the prayer room. Here, campers can come to seek answers for anything from chatting about life to deeper theological questions. It is also a place of fervent prayer for God to move in the lives of campers and staff.

“We want the camp room to be as comfortable as possible and just nice and cozy. Lights are off for a reason and Christmas lights are up for a reason,” Garza said. “We want it to be a welcoming place just like how God welcomes us to him, with love.”


The prayer room is vital for Ignite to succeed. 1st John 5:15 says, “and if we know that he hears us—whatever we ask—we have what we asked of him.” Because there is constant prayer day and night throughout camp, the Spirit moves in ways that cannot be explained. He places questions and topics on hearts that cannot be ignored.

Darbi Deck, prayer team for Spy Kids described the strength of the Holy Spirit as no other than super natural and the things she witnesses in the prayer room can only be attributed to God.

“Jesus gives energy when I need energy and rest when I need rest. Pouring into the word and being in communication with him gives me this energy I am not able to explain,” Deck said. “Without him, I know I wouldn’t be able to make it in the prayer room.”

The prayer room is not just for campers. The prayer team serves all people at Ignite. Maci Niemi, prayer team for Emperor’s New Groove said she originally applied to be on prayer team to serve her counselors.

“I wanted to be a part of the process of equipping the counselors to become better aware of how to lead campers and share the gospel,” Niemi said. “My favorite part has been seeing the counselors have such a desire to know more about God and how excited they are to learn new things as well.”

Coming to camp and not knowing anyone can be overwhelming, but the prayer team desires campers to come into the prayer room. Garza said as human beings made in God’s image, there is no longer any need to be fearful or feel like you need to have it all together because no one does.

“I was intimidated last year when I was on prayer team, but then I realized we are all the same,” Garza said. “And because of that, we can share in the fact that Christ’s blood has covered us and we get to be united in heaven with Christ just like he created us to be in his perfect world from the beginning.”







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